HNK – Format

HNK format

HNK has the ultimate (net)work locations for the hard-working people of the Netherlands, with workspaces and services for flexi-workers, the self-employed, SME’s and multinationals.

A warm, inspiring environment with stylish workplaces, meeting rooms and offices, a social heart and a wide range of services. In short, a multifunctional working environment where you are given a hospitable welcome and we realise our core values of flexibility, full service and custom service.
The accessible character, modern design and the possibility for networking mean that every business, with every conceivable form of working, will quickly feel at home in this open office concept. That is the HNK Format.

Club HNK – join us
Your office can travel with you. Wherever you go in the Netherlands, use your own stylish office which is available whenever you need it, in the HNK branch of your choice. That is Club HNK. Choose the Club HNK membership that suits you best.

Flex spaces – you’re flexible and so is your worplace 
You’re flexible and so is your workplace. You need somewhere you can access at all times. Prefer to work at the heart of our social hub? Or would you prefer a private office? All the options are provided for you.

  • Bookings from one hour
  • Atmospheric workplace
  • Meeting rooms available
  • Social heart with catering
  • WiFi via public HNK network
  • Support from HNK team, reception service
  • Extra benefits with Club HNK membership

Meeting rooms – meetings in your own style
Only pay for what you need. Completely free to set up your meetings as you wish; that’s what HNK is all about. We don’t have a set menu, just all of the facilities you could possibly need.

Meetings in short

  • Possible for groups of 2 to 20 people (>20 on request)
  • For all type of meetings, training sessions and events
  • Inspiring environment with all facilities
  • Meeting rooms equipped with audio-visual facilities
  • Food & Beverages appropriate for the meeting
  • Support from HNK team, reception service
  • Extra benefits with Club HNK membership

Managed office – all-in, full-service office
Open the door and your working day can begin. Well-equipped, full-service office with all mod cons. No high investments and yet still a fully-functioning office whether you rent it per hour, per day or per year.

Managed office in short

  • No investments in advance, all-in price
  • Fully-equipped offices
  • Flexible rentals from one hour, you can get straight to work
  • Including cleaning, service charges and public WiFi
  • Ample meeting facilities available
  • HNK Catering present
  • Support from HNK team, reception service
  • Access 24/7
  • Including all benefits of Club HNK membership

Bespoke office – choose your level of finish
Bespoke office means you can design your layout according to your needs, deciding the size and the location of the doors and walls. We will provide your office framework to whatever level of finish you need.

Bespoke office in short

  • You only rent the square meters that you actually use
  • Flexible rentals from 1 year
  • Equipped as you wish, with the aid of the HNK advisor
  • Rent directly from the owner
  • Turn-key delivery
  • Fixed price for services
  • Ample meeting facilities available
  • HNK Catering
  • Support from HNK team, reception service
  • Access 24/7
  • Including all benefits of Club HNK membership